Man pages for countyfloods
Quantify United States County-Level Flood Measurements

construct_prob_plotConstruct probability plot using the Weibull plotting method
county_aggregatesGet county level output
county_aggregates2Get county level output from 'long_range_flood' analysis
find_nwsGet National Weather Service (NWS) flood stage/discharge...
find_q2Get median flood for each gage
flood_analysisCompute flood statistics
gage_extractGet gage meta-data for a county
get_county_cdGet all FIPS county codes within a state
get_flow_dataRetrieve discharge data at specified gages
get_gagesGet all gage site numbers for a county
long_term_floodReturn flood metrics by county codes for a data frame input
map_countyMaps flood data by county
map_floodFunction maps data, either by gage or by county
map_gageMaps flood data by gage
run_floodReturn flood metrics by county codes or state names
time_series_analysisGet time series output
time_series_floodReturn a time series of flood metrics by county codes or...
time_series_mapFunction maps time series flood data, either by gage or by...
time_series_plotFunction plots time series data by county
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