covglasso-package: Sparse covariance matrix estimation

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Fast and direct estimation of a sparse covariance matrix via covariance graphical lasso and coordinate descent algorithm.


A package implementing direct estimation of a sparse covariance matrix corresponding to a Gaussian covariance graphical model. Estimation is performed by solving the covariance graphical lasso using a fast coordinate descent algorithm.

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Fop, M. (2021). covglasso: Sparse Covariance Matrix Estimation, R package version 1.0.3,


Michael Fop.

Maintainer: Michael Fop


Bien, J., Tibshirani, R.J. (2011). Sparse estimation of a covariance matrix. Biometrika, 98(4), 807–820.

Wang, H. (2014). Coordinate descent algorithm for covariance graphical lasso. Statistics and Computing, 24:521.

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