Man pages for cowplot
Streamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'

add_subAdd annotation underneath a plot
align_marginAlign multiple plots along a specified margin
align_plotsAlign multiple plots vertically and/or horizontally
as_grobConvert a base plot or a ggplot2 plot into a grob
as_gtableConvert plot or other graphics object into a gtable
axis_canvasGenerates a canvas onto which one can draw axis-like objects.
background_gridAdd/modify/remove the background grid in a ggplot2 plot
cowplotStreamlined Plot Theme and Plot Annotations for 'ggplot2'
draw_figure_labelAdd a label to a figure
draw_grobDraw a grob.
draw_imageDraw an image
draw_labelDraw a text label or mathematical expression.
draw_lineDraw a line from connected points
draw_plotDraw a (sub)plot.
draw_plot_labelAdd a label to a plot
draw_textDraw multiple text-strings in one go.
get_legendRetrieve the legend of a plot
get_panelRetrieve the panel or part of a panel of a plot
get_plot_componentGet plot components
get_titleGet plot titles
get_y_axisGet plot axes
ggdrawSet up a drawing layer on top of a ggplot
ggsave2Cowplot reimplementation of 'ggsave()'.
gtable_remove_grobsRemove named elements from gtable
gtable_squash_colsSet the width of given columns to 0.
gtable_squash_rowsSet the height of given rows to 0.
insert_xaxis_grobInsert an axis-like grob on either side of a plot panel in a...
panel_borderAdd/remove the panel border in a ggplot2 plot
plot_gridArrange multiple plots into a grid
png_null_deviceNull devices
rectangle_key_glyphCreate customizable legend key glyphs
save_plotAlternative to 'ggsave()', with better support for...
set_null_deviceSets the null graphics device
stampStamp plots with a label, such as good, bad, or ugly.
theme_cowplotCreate the default cowplot theme
theme_mapCreate a theme for map plotting
theme_minimal_gridMinimalistic themes with grids
theme_nothingCreate a completely empty theme
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