cplexAPI: R Interface to C API of IBM ILOG CPLEX

This is the R Interface to the C API of IBM ILOG CPLEX. It necessarily depends on IBM ILOG CPLEX (>= 12.1).

AuthorC. Jonathan Fritzemeier [cre, ctb], Gabriel Gelius-Dietrich [aut]
Date of publication2016-11-21 16:50:45
MaintainerC. Jonathan Fritzemeier <clausjonathan.fritzemeier@uni-duesseldorf.de>
LicenseGPL-3 | file LICENSE

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Man pages

addChannelCPLEX: Instantiates a New Channel Object

addColsCPLEX: Adds Columns to a Specified CPLEX Problem Object

addFpDestCPLEX: Add a File to the List of Message Destinations for a Channel

addIndConstrCPLEX: Adds an Indicator Constraint to the Specified CPLEX Problem...

addMIPstartsCPLEX: Add Multiple MIP Starts to a CPLEX Problem Object

addQConstrCPLEX: Add Quadratic Constraint to a Specified CPLEX Problem Object

addRowsCPLEX: Add Constraints to a Specified CPLEX Problem Object

baroptCPLEX: Solve LP, QP or QCP Problem by Means of the Barrier Algorithm

baseWriteCPLEX: Write the Most Current Basis Associated With a CPLEX Problem...

basicPresolveCPLEX: Perform Bound Strengthening and Detect Redundant Rows

boundSaCPLEX: Access Upper and Lower Sensitivity Ranges for Lower and Upper...

checkAddColsCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'addColsCPLEX'...

checkAddRowsCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'addRowsCPLEX'...

checkChgCoefListCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'chgCoefListCPLEX'...

checkCopyColTypeCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'copyColTypeCPLEX'...

checkCopyLpCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'copyLpCPLEX' Routine

checkCopyLpwNamesCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'copyLpwNamesCPLEX'...

checkCopyQPsepCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'copyQPsepCPLEX'...

checkCopyQuadCPLEX: Validate Arguments of the Corresponding 'checkCopyQuadCPLEX'...

checkValsCPLEX: Check an Array of Indices and a Corresponding Array of Values...

chgBndsCPLEX: Change the Lower or Upper Bounds on a Set of Variables of a...

chgCoefCPLEX: Change a Single Coefficient in the Constraint Matrix, Linear...

chgCoefListCPLEX: Change a List of Matrix Coefficients of a CPLEX Problem...

chgColNameCPLEX: Change the Names of Variables in a CPLEX Problem Object

chgColsBndsCPLEX: Change Lower and Upper Bounds on a Set of Variables of a...

chgColTypeCPLEX: Change Types of a Set of Variables of a CPLEX Problem Object

chgMIPstartsCPLEX: Modify or Extend Multiple MIP Starts

chgNameCPLEX: Change the Name of a Constraint a Variable in a CPLEX Problem...

chgObjCPLEX: Change Linear Objective Coefficients

chgProbNameCPLEX: Change the Name of the Current Problem.

chgProbTypeCPLEX: Change the Current Problem to a Related Problem

chgQPcoefCPLEX: Change a Single Coefficient in the Quadratic Objective of a...

chgRhsCPLEX: Change Righthand Side Coefficients

chgRngValCPLEX: Change Range Coefficients

chgRowNameCPLEX: Change Names of Linear Constraints

chgSenseCPLEX: Change Sense of a Set of Linear Constraints

chgTerminateCPLEX: Change Termination Signal

cleanupCoefCPLEX: change Problem Coefficients to Zero That are Smaller in...

cloneProbCPLEX: Copy a CPLEX Problem Object

closeEnvCPLEX: Free all of the Data Structures Associated With CPLEX

closeFileCPLEX: Close a File

closeProbCPLEX: Close CPLEX Environment And Remove CPLEX Problem Object

cLpWriteCPLEX: Write an LP Format File Containing Identified Conflict

completelpCPLEX: Manage Modification Steps Closely

copyBaseCPLEX: Copies a Basis Into a CPLEX Problem Object.

copyColTypeCPLEX: Copy Variable Type Information Into a Given Problem

copyLpCPLEX: Copy Data Defining an LP Problem to a CPLEX Problem Object.

copyLpwNamesCPLEX: Copy Data Defining an LP Problem to a CPLEX Problem Object.

copyObjNameCPLEX: Copy a Name for the Objective Function Into a CPLEX Problem...

copyOrderCPLEX: Copy Priority Order to CPLEX Problem Object

copyPartBaseCPLEX: Copies a partial basis into an LP problem object.

copyQPsepCPLEX: Copy the Quadratic Objective Matrix Q for a Separable QP...

copyQuadCPLEX: Copy a Quadratic Objective Matrix Q When Q is not Diagonal.

copyStartCPLEX: Provides Starting Information for Use in a Subsequent Call to...

cplexAPI-package: R Interface to C API of IBM ILOG CPLEX

cplexConstants: Constants, Parameters, Return and Status Codes of IBM ILOG...

cplexError-class: Class '"cplexError"'

cplexPtr-class: Class '"cplexPtr"'

delChannelCPLEX: Flushes all Message Destinations for a Channel

delColsCPLEX: Delete all Columns in a Specified Range

delFpDestCPLEX: Remove a File from the List of Message Destinations for a...

delIndConstrsCPLEX: Delete a Range of Indicator Constraints

delMIPstartsCPLEX: Delete a Range MIP Starts

delNamesCPLEX: Remove all Names Assigned to Rows and Columns

delProbCPLEX: Remove Specified CPLEX Problem Object

delQConstrsCPLEX: Delete a Range of Quadratic Constraints

delRowsCPLEX: Delete a Range of Rows

delSetColsCPLEX: Delete a Set of Columns

delSetRowsCPLEX: Delete a Set of Rows

delTerminateCPLEX: Terminate CPLEX gracefully

disconnectChannelCPLEX: Flush all Message Destinations Associated with a Channel

dualoptCPLEX: Find a Problem Solution Using the Dual Simplex Algorithm

dualWriteCPLEX: Write a Dual Formulation of the Current CPLEX Problem Object

feasOptCPLEX: Compute a Minimum-Cost Relaxation

fileputCPLEX: Write to File

flushChannelCPLEX: Flush All Message Destinations Associated With a Channel

flushStdChannelsCPLEX: Flushes the Output Buffers of the Four Standard Channels

freePresolveCPLEX: Free Presolved Problem From the LP Problem Object

getBaseCPLEX: Access Basis Resident in a CPLEX Problem Object.

getBestObjValCPLEX: Access the Currently Best Known Bound of all the Remaining...

getChannelsCPLEX: Obtain Pointers to the Four Default Channels

getChgParmCPLEX: Get Parameter Numbers for Parameters Which are Not Set at...

getCoefCPLEX: Access a Single Constraint Matrix Coefficient

getColIndexCPLEX: Search for the Index Number of the Specified Column

getColInfeasCPLEX: Compute Infeasibility of a Given Solution for a Range of...

getColNameCPLEX: Access a Range of Column Names

getColsCPLEX: Accesses a Range of Columns of the Constraint Matrix

getColTypeCPLEX: Access Types for a Range of Variables

getConflictCPLEX: Return Linear Constraints and Variables Belonging to a...

getConflictExtCPLEX: Get Conflict Status Codes

getCutoffCPLEX: Access MIP Cutoff Value Being Used During Mixed Integer...

getDblParmCPLEX: Obtain the Current Value of a CPLEX Parameter of Type Double

getDblQualCPLEX: Access Double-Valued Information About the Quality of the...

getDbsCntCPLEX: Access the Number of Dual Super-Basic Variables in the...

getDjCPLEX: Accesses Reduced Costs for a Range of Variables of a Linear...

getErrorStrCPLEX: Return an Error Message String Corresponding to an Error Code

getGradCPLEX: Project the Impact of Making Changes to Optimal Variable...

getIndConstrCPLEX: Access a Specified Indicator Constraint on the Variables of a...

getInfoDblParmCPLEX: Obtain Default, Minimum and Maximum Values of a Parameter of...

getInfoIntParmCPLEX: Obtain Default, Minimum and Maximum Values of a Parameter of...

getInfoLongParmCPLEX: Obtain Default, Minimum and Maximum Values of a Parameter of...

getInfoStrParmCPLEX: Obtain Default Value of a String Parameter

getIntParmCPLEX: Obtain the Current Value of a CPLEX Parameter of Type CPXINT

getIntQualCPLEX: Access Integer-Valued Information About the Quality of the...

getItCntCPLEX: Access the Total Number of Simplex Iterations to Solve an LP...

getLogFileCPLEX: Access log file to Which Messages are Written

getLongParmCPLEX: Obtain Current Value of a Parameter of Type CPXLONG

getLowBndsIdsCPLEX: Retrieve Lower Bounds on Variables

getLowerBndsCPLEX: Access a Range of Lower Bounds on Variables

getMethodCPLEX: Obtain Solution Algorithm

getMIPrelGapCPLEX: Access Relative Objective Gap for a MIP Optimization

getMIPstartIndexCPLEX: Search for the Index Number of the Specified MIP Start

getMIPstartNameCPLEX: Access a Range of Names of MIP Starts

getMIPstartsCPLEX: Access a Range of MIP Starts of a CPLEX Problem Object

getNumColsCPLEX: Access the Number of Columns in the Constraint Matrix

getNumMIPstartsCPLEX: Access the Number of MIP Starts in the CPLEX Problem Object

getNumNnzCPLEX: Access the Number of Nonzero Elements in the Constraint...

getNumQConstrsCPLEX: Return the Number of quadratic constraints.

getNumQPnzCPLEX: Return the Number of Nonzeros in the Q Matrix

getNumQuadCPLEX: Return the Number of Variables That Have Quadratic Objective...

getNumRowsCPLEX: Access the Number of Rows in the Constraint Matrix

getObjCPLEX: Access a Range of Objective Function Coefficients of a CPLEX...

getObjDirCPLEX: Access the Direction of Optimization

getObjNameCPLEX: Access the Name of the Objective Row of a CPLEX Problem...

getObjOffsetCPLEX: Objective Offset Between the Original Problem and the...

getObjValCPLEX: Access Solution Objective Value

getOrderCPLEX: Access MIP Priority Order Information

getParmNameCPLEX: Obtain the Name of a CPLEX Parameter, Given the Symbolic...

getParmNumCPLEX: Obtain the Reference Number of a CPLEX Parameter

getParmTypeCPLEX: Obtain the Type of a CPLEX Parameter

getParmValCPLEX: Values and Names of Parameters Having Non-Default Values

getPhase1CntCPLEX: Access Number of Phase I Iterations

getPiCPLEX: Access Dual Values for a Range of Constraints

getPreStatCPLEX: Access Presolve Status Information for Columns and Rows

getProbNameCPLEX: Access Problem Name

getProbTypeCPLEX: Access Problem Type

getProbVarCPLEX: Access the Solution Values for a Range of Problem Variables

getQConstrCPLEX: Access a Specified Quadratic Constraint on the Variables of a...

getQPcoefCPLEX: Access the Quadratic Coefficient in the Matrix Q

getQuadCPLEX: Access a Range of Columns of the Matrix Q of a Model With a...

getRedLpCPLEX: Get a Pointer for the Presolved Problem

getRhsCPLEX: Access Righthand Side Coefficients for a Range of Constraints

getRngValCPLEX: Accesses Righthand Side Coefficients Range Coefficients

getRowIndexCPLEX: Search for the Index Number of a Specified Row

getRowInfeasCPLEX: Compute Infeasibility of a Given Solution for a Range of...

getRowNameCPLEX: Access a Range of Row Names

getRowsCPLEX: Accesses a Range of Rows of the Constraint Matrix

getSenseCPLEX: Access the Sense for a Range of Constraints in a CPLEX...

getSiftItCntCPLEX: Access Total Number of Sifting Iterations

getSiftPase1CntCPLEX: Access Number of Phase I Sifting Iterations

getSlackCPLEX: Accesses Slack Values for a Range of Linear Constraints

getStatCPLEX: Access the Solution Status of the Problem

getStatStrCPLEX: Return an Status Message String Corresponding to an Status...

getStrParmCPLEX: Obtain the Current Value of a CPLEX String Parameter

getSubMethodCPLEX: Accesses Solution Method of the Last Subproblem Optimization

getSubStatCPLEX: Access Solution Status of the Last Subproblem Optimization

getTimeCPLEX: Get a Time Stamp

getUppBndsIdsCPLEX: Retrieve Upper Bounds on Variables

getUpperBndsCPLEX: Access a Range of Upper Bounds on Variables

getVersionCPLEX: Get Version Number of the CPLEX Library.

hybbaroptCPLEX: Solve the Specified Problem by the CPLEX Barrier Optimizer

hybnetoptCPLEX: Use CPLEX Network Optimizer

initProbCPLEX: Create a CPLEX Problem Object in the CPLEX Environment

lpoptCPLEX: Find a Solution to a Problem Using One of the CPLEX Linear...

mipoptCPLEX: Find a Solution to a Mixed Integer Program

newColsCPLEX: Add Empty Columns to a Specified CPLEX Problem Object

newRowsCPLEX: Add Empty Constraints to a Specified CPLEX Problem Object

objSaCPLEX: Access Upper and Lower Sensitivity Ranges for Objective...

openEnvCPLEX: Initialize a CPLEX Environment

openFileCPLEX: Open a File

openProbCPLEX: Create new CPLEX Environment And New CPLEX Problem Object

ordWriteCPLEX: Write Priority Order to ORD File

preslvWriteCPLEX: Write a Presolved Version of the Problem to File

presolveCPLEX: Perform Presolve

primoptCPLEX: Find a Solution to a Problem Using the Primal Simplex Method

printTerminateCPLEX: Print Termination Signal

qpoptCPLEX: Find a Solution to a Continuous Quadratic Program

readCopyBaseCPLEX: Read Basis From a BAS File and Copy it Into a CPLEX Problem...

readCopyMIPstartsCPLEX: Read a File in the Format MST

readCopyOrderCPLEX: Read ORD File

readCopyParmCPLEX: Reads Parameter Names And Settings From a File

readCopyProbCPLEX: Read an MPS, LP, or SAV File Into an Existing CPLEX Problem...

readCopySolCPLEX: Reads a Solution From a SOL Format File

refineConflictCPLEX: Identify a Minimal Conflict for the Infeasibility of the...

refineConflictExtCPLEX: Identify a Minimal Conflict

refineMIPstartConflictCPLEX: Refine a Conflict in Order to Determine Why a Given MIP Start...

refineMIPstartConflictExtCPLEX: Identify a Minimal Conflict

return_codeCPLEX: Translates a IBM ILOG CPLEX Return Code into a Human Readable...

rhsSaCPLEX: Access Upper and Lower Sensitivity Ranges for Righthand Side...

setDblParmCPLEX: Set the Value of a CPLEX Parameter of Type Double

setDefaultParmCPLEX: Reset All CPLEX Parameters And Settings to Default Values

setIntParmCPLEX: Set the Value of a CPLEX Parameter of Type CPXINT

setLogFileCPLEX: Modifies the log file to which Messages are Written

setLongParmCPLEX: Set the Value of a Parameter of Type CPXLONG

setObjDirCPLEX: Change the Sense of the Optimization for a Problem

setStrParmCPLEX: Set the Value of a CPLEX String Parameter

setTerminateCPLEX: Release Termination Signal

siftoptCPLEX: Solve a Reduced Model

solnInfoCPLEX: Access Solution Information

solutionCPLEX: Access Solution Values Produced by Optimization Routines

solWriteCPLEX: Write a Solution File

status_codeCPLEX: Translates an IBM ILOG CPLEX Status Value into a Human...

tightenBndsCPLEX: Change the Lower or Upper Bounds on a Set of Variables of a...

tuneParmCPLEX: Tune Parameters of the Environment For Improved Optimizer...

unscaleProbCPLEX: Remove Any Scaling Applied to the Resident Problem

writeMIPstartsCPLEX: Write a Range of MIP Starts to a File in MST Format

writeParmCPLEX: Write Names and Current Settings of CPLEX Parameters to File

writeProbCPLEX: Write a CPLEX Problem Object to File

Files in this package

cplexAPI/R/cplex_checkAPI.R cplexAPI/R/cplex.R cplexAPI/R/generics.R cplexAPI/R/cplexErrorClass.R cplexAPI/R/cplexPtrClass.R cplexAPI/R/cplexConst.R cplexAPI/R/cplex_longparamAPI.R cplexAPI/R/cplexAPI.R cplexAPI/R/zzz.R
cplexAPI/man/checkValsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/refineMIPstartConflictCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/ordWriteCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setObjDirCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/preslvWriteCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyStartCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/baroptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getSiftPase1CntCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getObjValCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/unscaleProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cplexPtr-class.Rd cplexAPI/man/getPreStatCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getIntParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getVersionCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delTerminateCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getItCntCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/completelpCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getStrParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/baseWriteCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgSenseCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/disconnectChannelCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/flushChannelCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/primoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getParmTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delIndConstrsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkCopyLpwNamesCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getInfoLongParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/writeProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getProbNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/addRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/addChannelCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumQuadCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getStatCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/tuneParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setLongParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgRowNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getTimeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/return_codeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkCopyQuadCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getObjDirCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyQPsepCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/closeProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/solutionCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/readCopySolCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getChgParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getLongParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/qpoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getLowBndsIdsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getColTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/readCopyOrderCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setDblParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRngValCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgRhsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setStrParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getOrderCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getCutoffCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getLogFileCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getColIndexCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRhsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/openProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delFpDestCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/closeEnvCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getMIPrelGapCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkAddRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyQuadCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setTerminateCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getColNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgColTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delChannelCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyBaseCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/solnInfoCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgCoefCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/readCopyParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkCopyQPsepCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/hybnetoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/objSaCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getColInfeasCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRedLpCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getProbTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgObjCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delColsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/addIndConstrCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getDjCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/newColsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getCoefCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/readCopyMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgProbNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkCopyColTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getInfoIntParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/openFileCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgBndsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getPiCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delSetColsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyPartBaseCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/fileputCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getSiftItCntCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyOrderCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyLpwNamesCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/addColsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/solWriteCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkCopyLpCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/siftoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/printTerminateCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delNamesCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/freePresolveCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/feasOptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/mipoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getMethodCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delSetRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getUppBndsIdsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getSenseCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getParmNumCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getDbsCntCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setIntParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getInfoStrParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getDblParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumQPnzCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getIntQualCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgColsBndsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cplexError-class.Rd cplexAPI/man/openEnvCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkAddColsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/closeFileCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cplexConstants.Rd cplexAPI/man/addQConstrCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cloneProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/readCopyBaseCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/addFpDestCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/addMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getDblQualCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/dualoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getObjCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getProbVarCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/status_codeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRowInfeasCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getLowerBndsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setDefaultParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cLpWriteCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getGradCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/tightenBndsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/refineMIPstartConflictExtCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getStatStrCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgCoefListCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/hybbaroptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgTerminateCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getMIPstartIndexCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyObjNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getBestObjValCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getObjNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgRngValCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumNnzCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getPhase1CntCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getInfoDblParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getChannelsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getUpperBndsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyColTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/checkChgCoefListCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/writeParmCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/flushStdChannelsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cplexAPI-package.Rd cplexAPI/man/presolveCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/copyLpCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getQConstrCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getSubStatCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumQConstrsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getSubMethodCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/boundSaCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/initProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getQuadCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/newRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getErrorStrCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getParmNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getConflictExtCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/dualWriteCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/refineConflictCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRowIndexCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/rhsSaCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/lpoptCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/cleanupCoefCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgQPcoefCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getQPcoefCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getColsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getMIPstartNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getConflictCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getParmValCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/readCopyProbCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/refineConflictExtCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgProbTypeCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/setLogFileCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/basicPresolveCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/writeMIPstartsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/chgColNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getSlackCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delQConstrsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getRowNameCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getObjOffsetCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/delRowsCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getIndConstrCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getBaseCPLEX.Rd cplexAPI/man/getNumColsCPLEX.Rd

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