Man pages for cpr
Control Polygon Reduction

boehmKnot Insertion, Removal, and Reinsertion
bsplineDB-spline Derivatives
build_tensorBuild Tensor
cnControl Nets
cnrControl Net Reduction
cnr_diagnosticsControl Net Reduction Plots
cpControl Polygons
cp_diagnosticsControl Polygon Diagnostics
cprControl Polygon Reduction
cpr_diagnosticsControl Polygon Reduction Plots
cpr-packagecpr: Control Polygon Reduction
extract_cpr_bsplinesExtract the bspline or btensor call from a formula
generate_cp_formula_dataGenerate Control Polygon Formula and Data
get_splineGet the Control Polygon and the Spline Function
get_surfaceGet Two-Dimensional Control Net and Surface from...
influence_ofInfluence Of Internal Knots
influence_weightsInfluence Weights
isTests for Objects
loglikelihoodDetermine the (quasi) Log Likelihood for a regression object.
matrix_rankRank of a Matrix
plot.cpr_bsPlot B-splines
plot.cpr_cnPlotting Control Nets
plot.cpr_influence_ofPlotting for cpr_influence_of objects
predict.cpr_cpModel Prediction
print.cpr_bsPrint bsplines
spdgSimulated Prognanediol-glucuronid (PDG) Data
thetaExtract Regression Coefficients for B-Splines and Tensor...
trimmed_quantileTrimmed Quantiles
update_bsplinesUpdate bspline or btensor calls
wiggleWiggliness of a Spline function
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