cricketr: Analyze Cricketers Based on ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru

Tools for analyzing performances of cricketers based on stats in ESPN Cricinfo Statsguru. The toolset can be used for analysis of Tests,ODIs and Twenty20 matches of both batsmen and bowlers.

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AuthorTinniam V Ganesh
Date of publication2017-03-12 09:02:27
MaintainerTinniam V Ganesh <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

ashwin: Data set for Ravichandran Ashwin

ashwin1: Data set for Ravichander Ashwin

badree: Data set for Samuel Badree

batsman4s: Plot the numbers of 4s against the runs scored by batsman

batsman4s6s: Compute and plot a stacked barplot of runs,4s and 6s

batsman6s: Plot the run range against the number of 6s

batsmanAvgRunsGround: This function computes and plots the Average runs scored in...

batsmanAvgRunsOpposition: This function computes and plots the Average runs against...

batsmanContributionWonLost: Disply the batsman's contribution in matches that were won...

batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns: Batsman's cumulative average runs

batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate: Batsman's cumulative average strike rate

batsmanDismissals: Display a 3D Pie Chart of the dismissals of the batsman

batsmanMeanStrikeRate: Calculate and plot the Mean Strike Rate of the batsman on...

batsmanMovingAverage: Calculate and plot the Moving Average of the batsman in his...

batsmanPerfBoxHist: Make a boxplot and a histogram of the runs scored by the...

batsmanPerfForecast: Forecast the batting performance based on past performances...

batsmanPerfHomeAway: This function analyses the performance of the batsman at home...

batsmanRunsFreqPerf: Calculate and run frequencies in ranges of 10 runs and plot...

batsmanRunsLikelihood: This function uses K-Means to determine the likelihood of the...

batsmanRunsPredict: Predict the runs for the batsman given the Balls Faced and...

batsmanRunsRanges: Compute and plot a histogram of the runs scored in ranges of...

batsmanScoringRateODTT: Compute and plot the predicted scoring rate for a One day...

battingPerf3d: Make a 3D scatter plot of the Runs scored versus the Balls...

bowlerAvgWktsGround: This function computes and plot the average wickets in...

bowlerAvgWktsOpposition: This function computes and plot the average wickets against...

bowlerContributionWonLost: Display the bowler's contribution in matches that were won...

bowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate: Bowler's cumulative average economy rate

bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets: Bowler's cumulative average wickets

bowlerEconRate: Compute and plot the Mean Economy Rate versus wickets taken

bowlerHistWickets: Plot a histogram of Wicket percentages versus wickets taken

bowlerMovingAverage: Compute and plot the moving average of the wickets taken for...

bowlerPerfForecast: Forecast the bowler performance based on past performances...

bowlerPerfHomeAway: This function analyses the performance of the bowler at home...

bowlerWktRateTT: Compute and plot the Mean number of deliveries versus wickets...

bowlerWktsFreqPercent: Plot the Wickets Frequency as a percentage against wickets...

bowlerWktsRunsPlot: Compute and plot the runs conceded versus the wickets taken

checkBatsmanInForm: Check whether the batsman is In-Form or Out-Of-Form by...

checkBowlerInForm: Check whether the bowler is In-Form or Out-Of-Form by looking...

clean: Create a batsman data frame given the batsman's CSV file

cleanBowlerData: Clean the bowlers data frame

cricketr-package: This package analyzes the performances of cricketers using...

devilliers: Data set for AB Devilliers

dravid: Data set for Rahul Dravid

ER: Calculate the mean Economy Rate

ganguly: Data set for Sourav Ganguly

gayle: Data set for Chris Gayle

getPlayerData: Get the player data from ESPN Cricinfo based on specific...

getPlayerDataOD: Get the One day player data from ESPN Cricinfo based on...

getPlayerDataSp: Get the player data along with venue and

getPlayerDataTT: Get the Twenty20 International player data from ESPN Cricinfo...

kohli: Data set for Virat Kohli

kohli1: Data set for Virat Kohli

kumble: Data set for Anil Kumble

kumble1: Data set for Anil Kumble

kumblesp: Data set for Anil Kumble

malinga: Data set for Lasith Malinga

malinga1: Data set for Lasith Malinga

maxwell: Data set for Glenn Maxwell

mendis: Data set for Ajantha Mendis

mitchell: Data set for Mitchell Johnson

murali: Data set for Muthiah Muralitharan

narine: Data set for Sunil Narine

percentRuns: Calculate the percent runs in each run range

percentWkts: Calculate the percentage of wickets taken by bowler

relativeBatsmanCumulativeAvgRuns: Relative batsman's cumulative average runs

relativeBatsmanCumulativeStrikeRate: Relative batsmen cumulative average strike rate

relativeBatsmanSR: Calculate and plot the relative Mean Strike Rate (SR) for...

relativeBatsmanSRODTT: Calculate and plot the relative Mean Strike Rate (SR) for...

relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate: Relative Bowler's cumulative average economy rate

relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgWickets: Relative bowlers cumulative average wickets

relativeBowlingER: Compute and plot the relative mean Economy Rate(ER) of the...

relativeBowlingERODTT: Compute and plot the relative mean Economy Rate(ER) of the...

relativeBowlingPerf: Plot the relative performances of bowlers

relativeRunsFreqPerf: Calculate and compute the relative run frequencies of a list...

relativeRunsFreqPerfODTT: Calculate and compute the relative run frequencies of a list...

relativeWktRateTT: Compute and plot the relative Mean Wicket Rate of the bowlers...

sehwag: Data set for Virendar Sehwag

sehwag1: Data set for Virendar Sehwag

sehwag2: Data set for Virendar Sehwag

southee: Data set for Tim Southee

steyn: Data set for Dale Steyn

tendulkar: Data set for Sachin Tendulkar

tendulkar1: Data set for Sachin Tendulkar

tendulkar2: Data set for Sachin Tendulkar

tendulkarsp: Data set for Sachin Tendulkar

warne: Data set for Shane Warne

WR: This function caculates the wicket rate vs mean number of...


ashwin Man page
ashwin1 Man page
badree Man page
batsman4s Man page
batsman4s6s Man page
batsman6s Man page
batsmanAvgRunsGround Man page
batsmanAvgRunsOpposition Man page
batsmanContributionWonLost Man page
batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns Man page
batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate Man page
batsmanDismissals Man page
batsmanMeanStrikeRate Man page
batsmanMovingAverage Man page
batsmanPerfBoxHist Man page
batsmanPerfForecast Man page
batsmanPerfHomeAway Man page
batsmanRunsFreqPerf Man page
batsmanRunsLikelihood Man page
batsmanRunsPredict Man page
batsmanRunsRanges Man page
batsmanScoringRateODTT Man page
battingPerf3d Man page
bowlerAvgWktsGround Man page
bowlerAvgWktsOpposition Man page
bowlerContributionWonLost Man page
bowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate Man page
bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets Man page
bowlerEconRate Man page
bowlerHistWickets Man page
bowlerMovingAverage Man page
bowlerPerfForecast Man page
bowlerPerfHomeAway Man page
bowlerWktRateTT Man page
bowlerWktsFreqPercent Man page
bowlerWktsRunsPlot Man page
checkBatsmanInForm Man page
checkBowlerInForm Man page
clean Man page
cleanBowlerData Man page
cricketr Man page
cricketr-package Man page
devilliers Man page
dravid Man page
ER Man page
ganguly Man page
gayle Man page
getPlayerData Man page
getPlayerDataOD Man page
getPlayerDataSp Man page
getPlayerDataTT Man page
kohli Man page
kohli1 Man page
kumble Man page
kumble1 Man page
kumblesp Man page
malinga Man page
malinga1 Man page
maxwell Man page
mendis Man page
mitchell Man page
murali Man page
narine Man page
percentRuns Man page
percentWkts Man page
relativeBatsmanCumulativeAvgRuns Man page
relativeBatsmanCumulativeStrikeRate Man page
relativeBatsmanSR Man page
relativeBatsmanSRODTT Man page
relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate Man page
relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgWickets Man page
relativeBowlingER Man page
relativeBowlingERODTT Man page
relativeBowlingPerf Man page
relativeRunsFreqPerf Man page
relativeRunsFreqPerfODTT Man page
relativeWktRateTT Man page
sehwag Man page
sehwag1 Man page
sehwag2 Man page
southee Man page
steyn Man page
tendulkar Man page
tendulkar1 Man page
tendulkar2 Man page
tendulkarsp Man page
warne Man page
WR Man page


R/checkBowlerInForm.R R/bowlerWktsRunsPlot.R R/relativeRunsFreqPerfODTT.R R/batsman6s.R R/bowlerPerfForecast.R R/batsmantPerfForecast.R R/batsmanMeanStrikeRate.R R/batsmanPerfBoxHist.R R/batsmanRunRanges.R R/batsmanContributionWonLost.R R/clean.R R/bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets.R R/batsmanRunsPredict.R R/relativeBatsmanCumulativeAvgRuns.R R/relativeBowlingERODTT.R R/battingPerf3d.R R/batsmanAvgRunsOpposition.R R/batsmanDismissals.R R/bowlerHistWickets.R R/batsmanMovingAverage.R R/relativeBowlerCumulativeEconRate.R R/relativeBowlingER.R R/bowlerWktRateTT.R R/bowlerAvgWktsGround.R R/relativeBatsmanSR.R R/cleanBowlerData.R R/relativeBatsmanCumulativeStrikeRate.R R/bowlerAvgWktsOpposition.R R/batsmanAvgRunsGround.R R/relativeWktRateTT.R R/relativeBatsmanSRODTT.R R/bowlerPerfHomeAway.R R/bowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate.R R/batsmanRunsFreqPerf.R R/batsman4s.R R/bowlerMovingAverage.R R/bowlerContributionWonLost.R R/relativeRunsFreqPerf.R R/batsman4s6s.R R/batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate.R R/batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns.R R/relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgWickets.R R/bowlerEconRate.R R/checkBatsmanInForm.R R/batsmanRunsLikelihood.R R/batsmanScoringRateODTT.R R/getPlayerDataTT.R R/batsmanPerfHomeAway.R R/getPlayerDataOD.R R/getPlayerData.R R/bowlerWktsFreqPercent.R R/getPlayerDataSp.R R/relativeBowlingPerf.R
man/percentRuns.Rd man/batsmanScoringRateODTT.Rd man/bowlerHistWickets.Rd man/getPlayerData.Rd man/bowlerAvgWktsGround.Rd man/checkBowlerInForm.Rd man/malinga.Rd man/relativeBatsmanSR.Rd man/bowlerWktRateTT.Rd man/sehwag2.Rd man/devilliers.Rd man/bowlerPerfHomeAway.Rd man/WR.Rd man/batsmanAvgRunsGround.Rd man/clean.Rd man/relativeBatsmanSRODTT.Rd man/bowlerAvgWktsOpposition.Rd man/cleanBowlerData.Rd man/mitchell.Rd man/bowlerWktsFreqPercent.Rd man/bowlerEconRate.Rd man/mendis.Rd man/dravid.Rd man/kohli1.Rd man/sehwag.Rd man/ganguly.Rd man/batsmanPerfBoxHist.Rd man/battingPerf3d.Rd man/relativeBowlingER.Rd man/relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate.Rd man/badree.Rd man/relativeBowlingPerf.Rd man/bowlerPerfForecast.Rd man/batsmanAvgRunsOpposition.Rd man/southee.Rd man/relativeBatsmanCumulativeAvgRuns.Rd man/warne.Rd man/batsman4s6s.Rd man/relativeWktRateTT.Rd man/tendulkar.Rd man/relativeRunsFreqPerfODTT.Rd man/batsmanPerfHomeAway.Rd man/batsmanPerfForecast.Rd man/batsmanRunsRanges.Rd man/kohli.Rd man/kumblesp.Rd man/batsmanRunsFreqPerf.Rd man/batsmanMeanStrikeRate.Rd man/steyn.Rd man/bowlerCumulativeAvgEconRate.Rd man/kumble.Rd man/relativeBatsmanCumulativeStrikeRate.Rd man/ashwin1.Rd man/getPlayerDataTT.Rd man/tendulkar2.Rd man/bowlerMovingAverage.Rd man/maxwell.Rd man/percentWkts.Rd man/relativeBowlerCumulativeAvgWickets.Rd man/batsmanContributionWonLost.Rd man/batsmanMovingAverage.Rd man/getPlayerDataSp.Rd man/cricketr-package.Rd man/ER.Rd man/batsmanRunsLikelihood.Rd man/sehwag1.Rd man/bowlerContributionWonLost.Rd man/narine.Rd man/gayle.Rd man/tendulkar1.Rd man/bowlerCumulativeAvgWickets.Rd man/relativeBowlingERODTT.Rd man/batsman6s.Rd man/batsman4s.Rd man/batsmanCumulativeStrikeRate.Rd man/batsmanDismissals.Rd man/kumble1.Rd man/murali.Rd man/ashwin.Rd man/tendulkarsp.Rd man/malinga1.Rd man/bowlerWktsRunsPlot.Rd man/checkBatsmanInForm.Rd man/getPlayerDataOD.Rd man/batsmanRunsPredict.Rd man/relativeRunsFreqPerf.Rd man/batsmanCumulativeAverageRuns.Rd

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