Man pages for cropgrowdays
Crop Growing Degree Days and Agrometeorological Calculations

boonahSILO weather data extracted for Boonah SE Queensland
cropCrop data containing hypothetical sowing flowering and...
cropgrowdaysAgrometeorological calculations for crops
cumulativeSum of a weather variable between between two dates
daily_meanMean of daily weather variable values between two dates
date_from_day_yearCalculate a date from the day of the year and the year
day_of_harvestThe day of harvest in the year of sowing
day_of_yearCalculate day of year from a date
get_multi_silodataRetrieve SILO data for multiple sites from Qld DES...
get_silodataRetrieve weather data from Queensland Government DES...
growing_degree_daysDegree days as the sum of capped average daily temperature...
number_of_daysThe number of days between two dates
stress_days_overThe number of days that maximum temp is over a baseline value
two_sitesSILO weather data extracted for two arbitrary sites
weather_extractExtract one or more columns of weather data between two dates
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