Man pages for crossrun
Joint Distribution of Number of Crossings and Longest Run

boxprobtBox Cumulative Sums
clshiftNumber of Crossings and Longest Run
crossrunbinJoint Distribution for Crossings and Runs
crossrunchangeJoint Distribution for Crossings and Runs, Varying Success...
crossrunshiftwrapper for crossrunbin, succes probability=pnorm(shift).
crossrunsymmJoint Probabilities for Crossings and Runs, Symmetric Case
cumsummRow-wise Cumulative Sums
cumsummcolColumn-Wise Cumulative Sums
exactbinExact Joint Probabilities for Low n
joint100.6Joint probabilities, n=100, success probability 0.6
joint100symmJoint probabilities, n=100, symmetric case
joint15.6Joint probabilities, n=15, success probability 0.6
joint15symmJoint probabilities, n=15, symmetric case
joint60.6Joint probabilities, 60, success probability 0.6
joint60symmJoint probabilities, n=60, symmetric case
simclbinSimulation of Independent Bernoulli Observations
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