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Crosstables for Descriptive Analyses

apply_labelsBatch set variable labels
as_flextableTurns a 'crosstable' object into a formatted 'flextable'
as_gtConverts a 'crosstable' object into a formatted 'gt' table.
as_workbookConverts a 'crosstable' object into a formatted, savable...
body_add_crosstableAdd a crosstable to an 'officer' document
body_add_crosstable_footnoteAdds a standard footnote explaining the abbreviations used in...
body_add_gg2Alternative to 'officer::body_add_gg()' which uses 'ggplot'...
body_add_img2Alternative to 'officer::body_add_img()' which adds a 'units'...
body_add_listAdd a list to an 'officer' document
body_add_normalAdd a new paragraph with default style
body_add_table_legendAdd a table legend to an 'officer' document
body_add_titleAdd a title to an 'officer' document
compactGeneric function to compact a table (publication formatting)
confint_numericConfidence interval of a numeric vector
cross_summarySummarize a numeric vector
crosstableEasily describe datasets
crosstable_effect_argsDefault arguments for calculating and displaying effects in...
crosstable_optionsOptions for the package 'crosstable'
crosstable-packagecrosstable: Crosstables for Descriptive Analyses
crosstable_test_argsDefault arguments for calculating and displaying tests in...
display_effectDefault function to display the effect
display_testDefault function to display a test result
docx_bookmarks2List Word bookmarks, including the ones in header and footer
effect_summaryEffect measure for association between one continuous and one...
effect_survivalEffect measure for association between one censored variable...
effect_tabularEffect measure for association between two categorical...
format_fixedFormat numbers with the exact same number of decimals,...
get_labelGet label if wanted and available, or default (name)...
import_labelsImport labels
iris2Modified 'iris' dataset
mtcars2Modified 'mtcars' dataset
NReturn the number of non NA observations
naReturn the number of NA observations
peekOpen a 'crosstable' in a temporary Word document
plimFormat p values (alternative to 'format.pval()')
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
remove_labelsRemove all label attributes.
rename_dataframe_with_labelsRename every column of a dataframe with its label
set_labelSet the "label" attribute of an object
str_wrap2Small improvement around 'stringr::str_wrap()' in case there...
summaryFunctionsSummary functions
test_correlation_autotest for correlation coefficients
test_summarize_autotest for mean comparison
test_summarize_linear_contrastsTest for linear trend across ordered factor with contrasts
test_survival_logranktest for survival comparison
test_tabular_autotest for contingency table
write_and_openAlternative to default 'officer' print() function. Write the...
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