Man pages for crtests
Classification and Regression Tests

apply_levelsConverts the column factor levels in 'df' to those in...
argument_match_testTest function with non-matching arguments
capitalize_firstCapitalize the first letter of a word
classification_modelGeneric function for creating a classification model
create_and_run_testCreate test and run it
createtestCreate a classification or regression test case
crtestscrtests: A package for creating and executing classification...
drop_naRemove NAs according to a strategy
evaluateEvaluate the performance of a prediction.
evaluate_problemGeneric function for evaluation of test results
evaluationCreate an evaluation object
extract_formulaExtract a formula from a test
factor_lengthDetermine the length of the factors in a data.frame
group_levelsGroup infrequent levels in 'data', either a factor or a...
group_levels.defaultGroup infrequent factor levels
is_complete_rowDetermine if the rows in a data.frame have NAs
make_predictionsMake predictions using a model Generic function for testing a...
method_prepareMethod-specific data preparation
multisampleMake multiple samples of data
multitestCreate and run multiple instances of a test
multitest_evaluationCreate an evaluation of multiple tests
na_countCount the number of NAs in an object
preparePrepare the data for the specified test.
prepare_dataPrepare data for training or testing.
print.evaluationPrint an 'evaluation' object
print.multitest_evaluationPrint a multitest_evaluation
print.multitest_evaluation.summaryPrint a multitest_evaluation.summary object
random_stringGenerate a random string
regression_modelFit a regression model Generic function for fitting a...
remove_namesSet any names of x to ""
replace_namesReplace strings in the names of an object
runtestRun a classification or regression test
summary.evaluationSummary of an evaluation
summary.multitest_evaluationMake a summary of multiple test evaluations
train_modelTrain a classification or regression model
utilUtility functions
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