Man pages for cubing
Rubik's Cube Solving

animateCreate Cube Animations
comparisonLogical Comparison for Cube Objects
compositionComposition Operators For Cube Objects
cubieCubeCreate and Convert CubieCubes
cycleCycle and Twist Cubies
getMovesCubeCreate a Cube for a Move Sequence
getMovesPatternGet Moves for Patterned Cubes
invCubeCalculate Inverse Cube
invMovesManipulate Move Sequences
moveMoving a Cube and Creating a Move Sequence
plot3D.cubeCube Object Interactive 3D Plot
plot.cubeCube Object 2D Plot
rotatePerform Rotations and Middle Slice Moves
rotationsCreate and Plot All Rotations of a Cube
scrambleGenerate Random Cubes, Moves and Scrambles
solvableSolved and Solvability Tests for Cube Objects
solverRubik's Cube Solver
stickerCubeCreate and Convert StickerCubes
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