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Cusp-Catastrophe Model Fitting Using Maximum Likelihood

attitudesMultistability in political attitudes
cuspFit a Cusp Catatrophe Model to Data
cusp3dGenerate 3D plot of Cusp Catatrophe Model Fit
cusp3d.surfaceGenerate 3D plot of the Cusp surface
cusp.bifsetcompute normal/symmetry factor borders of bifurcation set of...
cusp.extremaLocate Extrema of Cusp Catastrophe Potential Function
cusp.logistFit a Logistic Surface Model to Data
cusp.ncCalculate the Normalizing Constant of Cobb's Cusp Density
cusp.nlogLikeNegative log-likelihood for Cobb's cusp density
cusp-packageCusp Catastrophe Modeling
dcuspCobb's Cusp Distribution
draw.cusp.bifsetAdd Cusp Bifurcation Set Diagram to Existing Plot
olivaSynthetic cusp data set
plot.cuspGraphical Diagnostic Display of Cusp Catastrophe Data Fit
plotCuspBifurcationDisplay Fitted Data on Control Plane of Cusp Catastrophe.
plotCuspDensitiesPlot Cusp State Variable Densities Conditioned on Control...
plotCuspResidfittedResiduals against Fitted Plot for Cusp Model Fit
predict.cuspPredict method for Cusp Model Fits
summary.cuspSummarizing Cusp Catastrophe Model Fits
vcov.cuspCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Cusp Model...
zeemanMeasurements from Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine
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