Man pages for cvwrapr
Tools for Cross Validation

availableTypeMeasuresDisplay the names of the measures used in CV for different...
buildPredMatBuild a prediction matrix from CV model fits
checkValidTypeMeasureCheck if loss function is valid for a given family
computeErrorCompute CV statistics from a prediction matrix
computeRawErrorCompute the nobs by nlambda matrix of errors
computeStatsCompute CV statistics
coxnet.devianceCompute deviance for Cox model
fidHelper function for Cox deviance and gradient
getCindexCompute C index for a Cox model
getOptLambdaGet lambda.min and lambda.1se values
getTypeMeasureNameGet full name of loss function
kfoldcvK-fold cross-validation wrapper
plot.cvobjPlot the cross-validation curve from a class 'cvobj' object
print.cvobjPrint a class 'cvobj' object
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