Man pages for cwbtools
Tools to Create, Modify and Manage 'CWB' Corpora

as.vrtConsolidate vrt files for CWB import.
conll_get_regionsExtract regions from NER annotations (CoNNL format).
CorpusDataManage Corpus Data and Encode CWB Corpus.
corpus_utilsInstall and manage corpora.
cwbUtilities to install the Corpus Workbench (CWB)
directoriesManage directories for indexed corpora
encodeEncode CWB Corpus.
get_encodingGet Encoding of Character Vector.
p_attribute_encodeEncode Positional Attribute(s).
pkg_utilsCreate and manage packages with corpus data.
registry_fileParse and create registry files.
s_attributeRead, process and write data on structural attributes.
zenodoDownload corpus tarball from Zenodo
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