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The goal of cyclestreets is to provide a simple R interface to the routing service.

It was split-out from stplanr for modularity.


Install the package with devtools as follows:

# install.packages("devtools")


A common need is to get from A to B:

library ("cyclestreets")
# stplanr::geo_code ("leeds rail station") 
from = c(-1.544, 53.794)
# stplanr::geo_code ("leeds university") 
to = c(-1.551, 53.807)
r = cyclestreets::journey(from, to, "balanced")

To get a key go to

Save the key as an environment varible using export CYCLESTREETS=your_key_here by adding CYCLESTREETS=your_key_here as a new line in your .Renviron file, e.g. with the following command:


Check the map is good with leaflet:

p = colorNumeric("RdYlBu", domain = r$busynance, reverse = TRUE)
leaflet(r) %>% 
  addTiles() %>% 
  addPolylines(color = ~p(busynance), weight = 20, opacity = 0.9) %>% 
  addLegend(pal = p, values = ~busynance)

Route types available are: fastest, quietest, balanced. See help pages such as ?journey and for details.

Try the cyclestreets package in your browser

Any scripts or data that you put into this service are public.

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