Man pages for cyclomort
Survival Modeling with a Periodic Hazard Function

censor_cycloSurvCensor and Trim
create_cycloSurvCreate a cycloSurv object
cyclomort-packageCyclomort: periodic survival modeling
factorfit_cyclomortFactorial analysis of seasonal survival models
findDeltaConverting between Rho to Delta
fit_cyclomortEstimate periodic hazard function.
guess_initial_parametersProduce initial parameter estimates based on mortality data
loglikeObtain log-likelihood value from a data set given a set of...
loglike_optimLog-likelihood function
nwt_mortsMortality data for Northwest territory boreal woodland...
plot.cmfactorfitPlot cmfactorfit objects
plot.cmfitPlot cmfit objects
predict.cmfitPrediction method for cyclomort fits
seasonalsexSimulated data of seasonal mortality data for two sex groups
select_seasonsSelect the number of mortality seasons
simulate_cycloSurvSimulate periodic mortality process
summary.cmfactorfitSummary method for cyclomort factorial fit
summary.cmfitProvide a short summary of cmfit (parameter estimates for...
summary.cmfitlistSummary method for cmfitlist objects
timetoeventpredictionExample fitted time to event prediction
wah_mortsMortality data for Western Arctic Herd Caribou
wcWrapped Cauchy and Integrated Wrapped Cauchy functions
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