Man pages for d3plus
Seamless 'D3Plus' Integration

d3p_dataPass a tibble or data frame to 'D3Plus' objects
d3p_idDefines the ids (such as axis) that 'D3Plus' objects require
d3p_linksDefines 'D3Plus' axis for network method
d3plusAn 'htmlwidget' interface to the d3plus javascript chart...
d3plus-exportsd3plus exported operators and S3 methods
d3plus-shinyShiny bindings for 'D3Plus'
d3p_nodesDefines 'D3Plus' axis for network method
d3p_typeDefines the 'D3Plus' method to use
d3p_xDefines 'D3Plus' axis for some methods
d3p_yDefines 'D3Plus' axis for some methods
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