Man pages for d3r
'd3.js' Utilities for R

change_to_nameChange Column Name in Children to "name"
d3_dep_jetpack'd3.js' Dependency for Version 4 Jetpack
d3_dep_v3'd3.js' Dependency for Version 3
d3_dep_v4'd3.js' Dependency for Version 4
d3_dep_v5'd3.js' Dependency for Version 5
d3_igraphConvert 'igraph' to 'd3.js'
d3_jsonCreate 'JSON' that 'd3.js' Expects
d3_nestConvert a 'data.frame' to a 'd3.js' Hierarchy
d3_partyConvert partykit to d3.js hierarchy
d3_tableConverts Table to 'd3' Nodes and Links
d3_v8Create V8 Context with D3
promote_naApply 'promote_na' to All Rows
promote_na_onePromote NA to Top Level
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