Man pages for dCovTS
Distance Covariance and Correlation for Time Series Analysis

ADCFAuto-Distance Correlation Function
ADCFplotAuto-distance correlation plot
ADCVAuto-distance Covariance Function
dCovTS-packageDistance Covariance and Correlation theory in time series
ibmSp500Monthly returns of IBM and S&P 500 composite index
kernelFunSeveral kernel functions
mADCFAuto-Distance Correlation Matrix
mADCFplotDistance cross-correlation plot
mADCFtestDistance Correlation test of independence in multivariate...
mADCVAuto-Distance Covariance Matrix
mADCVtestDistance covariance test of independence in multivariate time...
MortTempPartCardiovascular mortality, temperature and pollution data in...
UnivTestTesting for independence in univariate time series
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