Man pages for dagitty
Graphical Analysis of Structural Causal Models

adjustmentSetsCovariate Adjustment Sets
ancestorGraphAncestor Graph
AncestralRelationsAncestral Relations
as.dagittyConvert to DAGitty object
backDoorGraphBack-Door Graph
canonicalizeCanonicalize an Ancestral Graph
completeDAGGenerate Complete DAG
coordinatesPlot Coordinates of Variables in Graph
dagittyParse DAGitty Graph
downloadGraphLoad Graph from
edgesGraph Edges
EquivalentModelsGenerating Equivalent Models
exogenousVariablesRetrieve Exogenous Variables
getExampleGet Bundled Examples
graphLayoutGenerate Graph Layout
graphTypeGet Graph Type
impliedConditionalIndependenciesList Implied Conditional Independencies
impliedCovarianceMatrixImplied Covariance Matrix of a Gaussian Graphical Model
instrumentalVariablesFind Instrumental Variables
isAcyclicTest for Cycles
isAdjustmentSetAdjustment Criterion
isColliderTest for Colliders
is.dagittyTest for Graph Class
lavaanToGraphConvert Lavaan Model to DAGitty Graph
localTestsTest Graph against Data
measurementPartExtract Measurement Part from Structural Equation Model
moralizeMoral Graph
names.dagittyNames of Variables in Graph
orientPDAGOrient Edges in PDAG.
pathsShow Paths
plot.dagittyPlot Graph
plotLocalTestResultsPlot Results of Local Tests
randomDAGGenerate DAG at Random
simulateLogisticSimulate Binary Data from DAG Structure
simulateSEMSimulate Data from Structural Equation Model
structuralPartExtract Structural Part from Structural Equation Model
toMAGConvert DAG to MAG.
topologicalOrderingGet Topological Ordering of DAG
vanishingTetradsList Implied Vanishing Tetrads
VariableStatusVariable Statuses
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