Man pages for daiR
Interface with Google Cloud Document AI API

build_block_dfBuild block dataframe
build_token_dfBuild token dataframe
dai_asyncOCR documents asynchronously
dai_async_tabOCR asynchronously and get table data
dai_authCheck authentication
dai_statusCheck job status
dai_syncOCR document synchronously
dai_sync_tabOCR synchronously and get table data
dai_tokenProduce access token
dai_userGet user information
dot-onAttachRun when daiR is attached
draw_blocksInspect block bounding boxes
draw_linesInspect line bounding boxes
draw_paragraphsInspect paragraph bounding boxes
draw_tokensInspect token bounding boxes
from_labelmeExtract block coordinates from labelme files
get_project_idGet project id
image_to_pdfConvert images to PDF
img_to_binbaseImage to base64 tiff
is_jsonCheck that a file is JSON
is_pdfCheck that a file is PDF
pdf_to_binbasePDF to base64 tiff
reassign_tokensAssign tokens to new blocks
reassign_tokens2Assign tokens to a single new block
split_blockSplit a block bounding box
tables_from_dai_fileGet tables from output file
tables_from_dai_responseGet tables from response object
text_from_dai_fileGet text from output file
text_from_dai_responseGet text from HTTP response object
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