Man pages for dalmatian
Automating the Fitting of Double Linear Mixed Models in 'JAGS' and 'nimble'

betabin_data_1Simulated data for illustrating the beta-binomial model
caterpillarCaterpillar (Generic)
caterpillar.dalmatianCaterpillar (dalmatian)
coef.dalmatianCoefficients function for 'dalmatian' objects
convergenceConvergence Diagnostics (S3 Generic)
dalmatianRun DGLM in 'JAGS' via 'rjags'
gamma_data_1Simulated data to show how the gamma model may be fit with...
nbinom_data_1Simulated data to show how the negative binomial model may be...
pfdataPied flycatcher feeding data
plot.dalmatianPlot Function for 'dalmatian' objects
predict.dalmatianPrediction method for dalmatian objects
print.dalmatianPrinted Summary of a 'dalmatian' Object
print.dalmatian.summaryPrint Summary (dalmatian)
ranefRandom Effects (S3 Generic)
ranef.dalmatianRandom Effects (dalmatian)
residuals.dalmatianResiduals method for dalmatian fitted objects
setJAGSInitsSet initial values for 'dalmatian'
summary.dalmatianSummary (dalmatian)
terms.dalmatianTerms function for 'dalmatian' objects
traceplotsTraceplots (Generic)
traceplots.dalmatianTraceplots (dalmatian)
weights_data_1Simulated data for illustrating the use of weights
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