Man pages for dampack
Decision-Analytic Modeling Package

add_common_aesAdds aesthetics to all plots to reduce code duplication
beta_paramsCalculate alpha and beta parameters of beta distribution.
calc_evpiExpected Value of Perfect Information (EVPI)
calc_evppiEstimation of the Expected Value of Partial Perfect...
calc_evsiCalculate Expected Value of Sample Information (EVSI)
calc_exp_lossCalculate the expected loss at a range of willingness-to-pay...
calculate_icersCalculate incremental cost-effectiveness ratios (ICERs)
calculate_outcomeA function that is used to calculate all outcomes
ceacCost-Effectiveness Acceptability Curve (CEAC)
compute_icerscompute icers for non-dominated strategies
create_dsa_onewayCreate one-way deterministic sensitivity analysis object
create_dsa_twowayCreate one-way deterministic sensitivity analysis object
create_saA generic sensitivity analysis object
dirichlet_paramsCalculate alpha parameters of Dirichlet distribution.
example_psaSample PSA data for testing
example_psa_objSample PSA data for testing
gamma_paramsCalculate shape and scale (or rate) parameters of a gamma...
gen_psa_sampGenerate PSA Sample
hund_stratSample deterministic data for testing
is_owsacheck that object is owsa object
labfunused to automatically label continuous scales
lnorm_paramsCalculate location and scale parameters of a log-normal...
make_param_seqmake a parameter sequence
make_psa_objCreate a PSA object
metamodelLinear regression metamodeling
mm_run_regBuild formula and run linear regression for metamodel
number_ticksNumber of ticks for 'ggplot2' plots
offset_transtransformation for owsa_tornado
owsaOne-way sensitivity analysis
owsa_opt_stratplot the optimal strategy as the parameter values change
owsa_tornadoTornado plot of a one-way sensitivity analysis
plot.ceacPlot of Cost-Effectiveness Acceptability Curves (CEAC)
plot.evpiPlot of Expected Value of Perfect Information (EVPI)
plot.evppiPlot of Expected Value of Partial Perfect Information (EVPPI)
plot.evsiPlot of Expected Value of Sample Information (EVSI)
plot.exp_lossPlot of Expected Loss Curves (ELC)
plot.icersPlot of ICERs
plot.owsaPlot a sensitivity analysis
plot.psaPlot the psa object
plot.twsaTwo-way sensitivity analysis plot
predict_gaFunction to compute the preposterior for each of the basis...
predict_matrix_tensor_smooth_gaPredict matrix tensor smooth (GA)
predict.metamodelPredict from a one-way or two-way metamodel
predict_smooth_gaFunction to compute the preposterior for each of the basis...
print.metamodelPrint metamodel
print.saprint a psa object
psa_cdiffSample PSA dataset
rdirichletRandom number generation for the Dirichlet distribution with...
run_owsa_detRun deterministic one-way sensitivity analysis (OWSA)
run_psaCalculate outcomes for a PSA using a user-defined function.
run_twsa_detRun deterministic two-way sensitivity analysis (TWSA)
summary.ceacSummarize a ceac
summary.metamodelSummary of metamodel
summary.psasummarize a psa object across all simulations
twsaTwo-way sensitivity analysis using linear regression...
wrapper_of_user_modelWrapper function for owsa_det and twsa_det
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