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'Dang' Associated New Goodies

alphavantageRetrieve real-time data from AlphaVantage an xts object into a data.table
assignFormalsAssign formal arguments from function
checkCRANStatusMaintainer Status at CRAN
demotivateDisplay a demotivating quote
getGitRootAre we in a 'git' repository?
googleFinanceDataHistorical Price Data Download from Google Finance
isConnectedIs the current session (networked) and connected?
ls.objectsList largest objects and show memory use
motivateDisplay a motivating quote
plotOBOSPlot Overbought/Oversold Regions for A Stock or ETF
print.xtsPrinting helper function for xts object
silentSilently load a library
ymdFormat a Date(time) object as ymd
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