dbcBreadcrumb: Breadcrumb component

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Use breadcrumbs to create a navigation breadcrumb in your app.


dbcBreadcrumb(id=NULL, items=NULL, style=NULL, item_style=NULL,
class_name=NULL, className=NULL, item_class_name=NULL,
itemClassName=NULL, key=NULL, tag=NULL, loading_state=NULL)



Character. The ID of this component, used to identify dash components in callbacks. The ID needs to be unique across all of the components in an app.


List of lists containing elements 'label', 'href', 'active', 'external_link', 'target', 'title'. those elements have the following types: - label (character; optional): label to display inside the breadcrumbs. - href (character; optional): url of the resource to link to - active (logical; optional): apply 'active' style to this component. - external_link (logical; optional): if true, the browser will treat this as an external link, forcing a page refresh at the new location. if false, this just changes the location without triggering a page refresh. use this if you are observing dcc.location, for instance. defaults to true for absolute urls and false otherwise. - target (character; optional): target attribute to pass on to the link. only applies to external links. - title (character; optional): title attribute for the inner a elements. The details of the items to render inside of this component.


Named list. Defines CSS styles which will override styles previously set.


Named list. Defines inline CSS styles that will be added to each item in the breadcrumbs.


Character. Often used with CSS to style elements with common properties.


Character. **DEPRECATED** - Use class_name instead.

Often used with CSS to style elements with common properties.


Character. Class name to apply to each item.


Character. **DEPRECATED** - use item_class_name instead.

Class name ot apply to each item.


Character. A unique identifier for the component, used to improve performance by React.js while rendering components See https://reactjs.org/docs/lists-and-keys.html for more info


Named list. HTML tag to use for the outer breadcrumb component. Default: "nav".


Lists containing elements 'is_loading', 'prop_name', 'component_name'. those elements have the following types: - is_loading (logical; optional): determines if the component is loading or not - prop_name (character; optional): holds which property is loading - component_name (character; optional): holds the name of the component that is loading. Object that holds the loading state object coming from dash-renderer


named list of JSON elements corresponding to React.js properties and their values

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