Man pages for dataPreparation
Automated Data Preparation

adultAdult for UCI repository
aggregateByKeyAutomatic dataSet aggregation by key
as.POSIXct_fastFaster date transformation
build_binsCompute bins
build_encodingCompute encoding
build_scalesCompute scales
dataPrepNewsShow the NEWS file
dateFormatUnifierUnify dates format
descriptionDescribe data set
fastFilterVariablesFiltering useless variables
fastHandleNaHandle NA values
fastIsEqualFast checks of equality
fastRoundFast round
findAndTransformDatesIdentify date columns
findAndTransformNumericsIdentify numeric columns in a dataSet set
generateDateDiffsDate difference
generateFactorFromDateGenerate factor from dates
generateFromCharacterRecode character
generateFromFactorRecode factor
identifyDatesIdentify date columns
messy_adultAdult with some ugly columns added
one_hot_encoderOne hot encoder
prepareSetPreparation pipeline
sameShapeGive same shape
setAsNumericMatrixNumeric matrix preparation for Machine Learning.
setColAsCharacterSet columns as character
setColAsDateSet columns as POSIXct
setColAsFactorSet columns as factor
setColAsNumericSet columns as numeric
shapeSetFinal preparation before ML algorithm
unFactorUnfactor factor with too many values
whichAreBijectionIdentify bijections
whichAreConstantIdentify constant columns
whichAreIncludedIdentify columns that are included in others
whichAreInDoubleIdentify double columns
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