Man pages for datadr
Divide and Recombine for Large, Complex Data

addDataAdd Key-Value Pairs to a Data Connection
addTransformAdd a Transformation Function to a Distributed Data Object
adult"Census Income" Dataset
applyTransformApply transformation function(s) 'ddf' Object into Data Frame
as.list.ddoTurn 'ddo' / 'ddf' Object into a list
bsvConstruct Between Subset Variable (BSV)
charFileHashCharacter File Hash Function
combCollect"Collect" Recombination
combDdf"DDF" Recombination
combDdo"DDO" Recombination
combMeanMean Recombination
combMeanCoefMean Coefficient Recombination
combRbind"rbind" Recombination
condDivConditioning Variable Division
convertConvert 'ddo' / 'ddf' Objects
ddfInstantiate a Distributed Data Frame ('ddf')
ddf-accessorsAccessor methods for 'ddf' objects
ddoInstantiate a Distributed Data Object ('ddo')
ddo-ddf-accessorsAccessor Functions
ddo-ddf-attributesManaging attributes of 'ddo' or 'ddf' objects
digestFileHashDigest File Hash Function
divideDivide a Distributed Data Object
divide-internalsFunctions used in divide()
drAggregateDivision-Agnostic Aggregation
drBLBBag of Little Bootstraps Transformation Method
drFilterFilter a 'ddo' or 'ddf' Object
drGetGlobalsGet Global Variables and Package Dependencies
drGLMGLM Transformation Method
drHexbinHexBin Aggregation for Distributed Data Frames
drJoinJoin Data Sources by Key
drLapplyApply a function to all key-value pairs of a ddo/ddf object
drLMLM Transformation Method
drPersistPersist a Transformed 'ddo' or 'ddf' Object
drQuantileSample Quantiles for 'ddf' Objects
drRead.tableData Input
drSampleTake a Sample of Key-Value Pairs Take a sample of key-value...
drSubsetSubsetting Distributed Data Frames
flatten"Flatten" a ddf Subset
getCondCutsGet names of the conditioning variable cuts
hdfsConnConnect to Data Source on HDFS
kvApplyApply Function to Key-Value Pair
kvPairSpecify a Key-Value Pair
kvPairsSpecify a Collection of Key-Value Pairs
localDiskConnConnect to Data Source on Local Disk
localDiskControlSpecify Control Parameters for MapReduce on a Local Disk...
makeExtractableTake a ddo/ddf HDFS data object and turn it into a mapfile
mrExecExecute a MapReduce Job
mr-summary-statsFunctions to Compute Summary Statistics in MapReduce
pipePipe data
print.ddoPrint a "ddo" or "ddf" Object
print.kvPairPrint a key-value pair
print.kvValuePrint value of a key-value pair
readHDFStextFileExperimental HDFS text reader helper function
readTextFileByChunkExperimental sequential text reader helper function
removeDataRemove Key-Value Pairs from a Data Connection
rhipeControlSpecify Control Parameters for RHIPE Job
rrDivRandom Replicate Division
setupTransformEnvSet up transformation environment
splitvarsExtract "Split" Variable(s)
to_ddfConvert dplyr grouped_df to ddf
updateAttributesUpdate Attributes of a 'ddo' or 'ddf' Object
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