Man pages for datafsm
Estimating Finite State Machine Models from Data

action_vecExtracts slot of action_vec
add_interact_numAdd interaction numbers for panel data
best_performanceExtracts performance
build_bitstringBuilds Bitstring
compare_fsmCompares FSMs
datafsmdatafsm: A package for estimating FSM models.
decode_action_vecDecodes Action Vector
decode_state_matDecodes State Matrix
degeneracy_checkDetermines if State Matrix is Degenerate for Given Data Set.
estimation_detailsExtracts slot relevant to estimating the fsm
evolve_modelUse a Genetic Algorithm to Estimate a Finite-state Machine...
evolve_model_cvEstimate Optimal Number of States of a Finite-state Machine...
evolve_model_ntimesUse a Genetic Algorithm to Estimate a Finite-state Machine...
find_wildcardsFind Indices for Non-identifiable Elements of State Matrix.
fitnessCPPFitness Function in C++
ga_fsm-classAn S4 class to return the results of using a GA to estimate a...
NV_gamesEmpirical prisoner's dilemma games from Nay and Vorobeychik
performanceMeasure Model Performance
statesExtracts number of states
var_impVariable Importance Measure for A FSM Model
varImpExtracts slot of variable importances
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