Man pages for datamaps
Create Interactive Web Maps with the 'JavaScript Datamaps' Library

add_arcsAdd arcs
add_arcs_nameAdd arcs
add_bubblesAdd bubbles
add_choroplethAdd choropleth
add_dataAdd data
add_graticuleAdd graticule
add_labelsAdd labels
add_legendAdd legend
config_arcsConfigure arcs
config_bubblesConfigure bubbles
config_geoConfigure map
datamapsInitiate map
datamaps-shinyShiny bindings for datamaps
delete_mapRemove map
icons-pluginAdd icons
markers-pluginAdd markers
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
set_projectionSet projection
update_arcsDynamically update arcs
update_bubblesDynamically add bubbles
update_choroplethDynamically add bubbles
update_labelsDynamically update labels
update_legendDynamically update legend
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