Man pages for datapackage.r
Data Package 'Frictionless Data'

BinaryReadableReadable class
BinaryReadableConnectionBinary Readable Connection class
DataPackageErrorDataPackageError class
datapackage.r-packageFrictionless Data Package
dereferencePackageDescriptorDereference package descriptor
dereferenceResourceDescriptorDereference resource descriptor
descriptor.pointerDescriptor pointer
expandPackageDescriptorExpand package descriptor
expandResourceDescriptorExpand resource descriptor
file_basenameFile basename
file_extensionsFile extension
findFilesfindFiles json to list list to json
inferInfer a data package descriptor
is.compressedis compressed
is.emptyIs empty
is.gitis git
is.jsonis json
is.local.descriptor.pathIs Local Descriptor Path
isRemotePathIs remote path
isSafePathIs safe path
isUndefinedCheck if a variable is undefined or NULL
is.validIs valid
locateDescriptorLocate descriptor
PackageData Package class
Package.loadInstantiate 'Data Package' class
ProfileProfile class
Profile.loadInstantiate 'Profile' class
pushPush elements in a list or vector
ResourceResource class
Resource.loadInstantiate 'Resource' class
retrieveDescriptorRetrieve descriptor
validatevalidate descriptor
write.jsonSave json file
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