Man pages for datarium
Data Bank for Statistical Analysis and Visualization

anxietyAnxiety Data for Two-Way Mixed ANOVA
depressionDepression Data for Two Way Mixed ANOVA
genderweightWeight Data By Gender for Two-Samples Mean Test
headacheHeadache Data for Three Way ANOVA
heartattackHeart Attack Data for Three Way ANOVA
jobsatisfactionJob Satisfaction Data for Two-Way ANOVA
marketingMarketing Data Set
miceMice Weight Data for One Sample Mean Test
mice2Mice Weight Data for Paired-Samples Mean Test
performancePerformance Data for Three-Way Mixed ANOVA
propertiesProperties Data for Chi-square Test of Independence
selfesteemSelf-Esteem Score Data for One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA
selfesteem2Self Esteem Score Data for Two-way Repeated Measures ANOVA
stressStress Data for Two-Way ANCOVA
titanic.rawSurvival of Passengers on the Titanic
weightlossWeight Loss Score Data for Three-way Repeated Measures ANOVA
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