Man pages for dataset
Create Data Frames that are Easier to Exchange and Reuse

attributes_measuresAttributes of a dataset
bibentry_datasetCreate a bibentry for a dataset
creatorGet/set the Creator of the object.
dataciteAdd DataCite metadata to an object
datasetStructure a data frame to dataset
dataset_downloadDownload data into a dataset
dataset_exportExport a dataset
dataset_local_idCreate a locally unique id
dataset_sourceGet/set the Source of the object.
dataset_titleGet/set title(s) of a dataset
dataset_uriCreate a globally unique row identifier
descriptionGet/set the Description of the object.
dimensionsDimensions of a dataset
dublincoreAdd DublinCore metadata to an object
geolocationGet/set the Geolocation of the object.
identifierGet/set the Identifier of the object.
iris_datasetEdgar Anderson's Iris Data
languageGet/Set the primary language of the dataset
measuresMeasures of a dataset
publication_yearGet/set the publication_year of the object.
publisherGet/set the Publisher of the object.
related_itemCreate a related item
related_item_identifierCreate a related item identifier
resource_typeGet/set the resource type of the dataset
resource_type_generalGet/set the resourceTypeGeneral property of a (related) item
rightsGet/set the Rights of the object.
sizeAdd Size metadata to an object
subjectGet/Add subject(s) to a dataset
versionGet/set the version of the object.
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