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Shiny application standardizing date data in csv of excel files


A shiny application which allows users to standardize dates using a graphical user interface (GUI). Most features of datefixR are supported including imputing missing date data. Data can be provided as CSV (comma-separated value) or XLSX (Excel) files. Processed datasets can be downloaded as CSV files. Please note, the dependencies for this app (DT, htmltools, readxl, and shiny) are not installed alongside datefixR. This allows datefixR to be installed on secure systems where these packages may not be allowed. If one of these dependencies is not installed on the system when this function is called, then the user will have the option of installing them.


fix_date_app(theme = "datefixR")



Color theme for shiny app. Either "datefixR" (datefixR colors) or "none"(default shiny app styling).


A shiny app.

See Also

The shiny package.


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