Man pages for dateutils
Date Utils

add_forecast_datesAdd NA values to the tail of a wide data.table
agg_to_freqAggregate long format data.table
agg_to_freq_wideAggregate data.table and return wide format
all_finiteRows with only finite values
allNAAre all elements 'NA'?
any_finiteRows with finite values
can_seasonalCan data be seasonally adjusted?
col_to_listConvert columns to list
comp_formCompanion Form
count_obsCount observations
dayReturn the day of a Date value
DiffDifference data
end_of_periodEnd of period date
end_of_yearEnd of Year
extract_basic_characterExtract characters
extract_characterExtract character values
extract_numericExtract numeric values
fill_forwardFill Forward
first_of_monthFirst of month
first_of_quarterFirst of Quarter
first_previous_quarterFirst of previous quarter date
fredSample mixed frequency data from FRED
fredlibLibrary of metadata for mixed frequency dataset 'fred'
get_data_frqGet frequency of data based on missing observations
get_from_listGet from list
index_by_fridayFind the Friday in a given week
is_inFind element of this_in that
last_in_monthLast date in the month
last_in_quarterLast date in the week
last_in_weekLast date in the week
last_in_yearLast date in the year
last_obsLast observation
limit_characterLimit Characters
long_run_varLong Run Variance of a VAR
match_indexMatch index values
match_ts_datesMatch dates between two timeseries
mean_naReturn the mean
month_daysNumber of days in a given month
number_finiteNumber of finite values in a column
numdumDummies for Numeric Data
pct_chngPercent change
pct_responsePercent of responses at a given frequency
processProcess Data
process_MFProcess mixed frequency
process_wideProcess Wide Format Data
rollmaxRolling Max
rollmeanRolling mean
rollminRolling Min
row_to_listConvert rows to list
run_saSeasonally adjust data using seas()
sd_naReturn the standard deviation
seas_df_longSeasonally adjust long format data using seas()
seas_df_wideSeasonally adjust wide format data using seas()
spline_fillSpline fill missing observations
spline_fill_trendSpline fill missing observations
stack_obsStack time series observations in VAR format
sum_naReturn the sum
total_responseNumber of of responses at a given frequency
to_tsTabular data to ts() format
try_detrendRemove low frequency trends from data
try_saSeasonally adjust data using seas()
try_trendEstimate low frequnecy trends
ts_to_dfts() data to a dataframe
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