EmpLikeGOF: Empirical Likelihood Goodness Of Fit Tests

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Package that has functions to perform empirical likelihood goodness of fit tests for normality, uniformity, and distribution equality.


Jeffrey C. Mieznikowski, Lori A. Shepherd


Jeffrey C. Miecznikowski, Albert Vexler, Lori A. Shepherd (2013). dbEmpLikeGOF: An R Package for Nonparametric Likelihood Ratio Tests for Goodness-of-Fit and Two-Sample Comparisons Based on Sample Entropy. Journal of Statistical Software, 54(3), 1-19. http://www.jstatsoft.org/v54/i03/

Vexler A, Gurevich G, Empirical likelihood ratios applied to goodness-of-fit tests based on sample entropy. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 54(2010) 531-545.

Gurevich G, Vexler A, A two-sample empirical likelihood ratio test based on samples entropy. Statistics and Computing, 2011.

See Also

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