Man pages for dbstats
Distance-Based Statistics

as.D2D2 objects
as.GramGram objects
D2toDistDistance conversion: D2 to dist
D2toGDistance conversion: D2 to G
dbglmDistance-based generalized linear models
dbglm-internalInternal functions
dblmDistance-based linear model
dblm-internalInternal functions
dbplsrDistance-based partial least squares regression
dbplsr-internalInternal functions
dbstats-packageDistance-based statistics (dbstats)
disttoD2Distance conversion: dist to D2
GtoD2Distance conversion: dist to D2
ldbglmLocal distance-based generalized linear model
ldbglm-internalInternal functions
ldblmLocal distance-based linear model
ldblm-internalInternal functions
plot.dblmPlots for objects of clases dblm or dbglm
plot.dbplsrPlots for a dbplsr object
plot.ldblmPlots for objects of clases ldblm or ldbglm
predict.dbglmPredicted values for a dbglm object
predict.dblmPredicted values for a dblm object
predict.dbplsrPredicted values for a dbpls object
predict.ldbglmPredicted values for a ldbglm object
predict.ldblmPredicted values for a ldblm object
summary.dbglmSummarizing distance-based generalized linear model fits
summary.dblmSummarizing distance-based linear model fits
summary.dbplsrSummarizing distance-based partial least squares fits
summary.ldbglmSummarizing local distance-based generalized linear model...
summary.ldblmSummarizing local distance-based linear model fits
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