dclone-package: Data Cloning

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Low level functions for implementing maximum likelihood estimating procedures for complex models using data cloning and Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. Sequential and parallel MCMC support for JAGS, WinBUGS and OpenBUGS.

Main functions include:


Author: Peter Solymos

Maintainer: Peter Solymos, [email protected]


Forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/dclone-users

Issues: https://github.com/datacloning/dcmle/issues

Data cloning website: http://datacloning.org

Solymos, P., 2010. dclone: Data Cloning in R. The R Journal 2(2), 29–37. URL: https://journal.r-project.org/archive/2010-2/RJournal_2010-2_Solymos.pdf

Lele, S.R., B. Dennis and F. Lutscher, 2007. Data cloning: easy maximum likelihood estimation for complex ecological models using Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. Ecology Letters 10, 551–563.

Lele, S. R., K. Nadeem and B. Schmuland, 2010. Estimability and likelihood inference for generalized linear mixed models using data cloning. Journal of the American Statistical Association 105, 1617–1625.

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