Man pages for deal
Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables

autosearchGreedy search
deal-internaldeal internal functions
drawnetworkGraphical interface for editing networks
genlatexFrom a network family, generate LaTeX output
insertInsert/remove an arrow in network
jointpriorCalculates the joint prior distribution
kslHealth and social characteristics
learnEstimation of parameters in the local probability...
makesimprobMake a suggestion for simulation probabilities
maketrylistCreates the full trylist
networkBayesian network data structure
networkfamilyGenerates and learns all networks for a set of variables.
networktoolsTools for manipulating networks
nodeRepresentation of nodes
numbermixedThe number of possible networks
nwfsortSorts a list of networks
nwfuniqueMakes a network family unique.
perturbPerturbs a network
probLocal probability distributions
ratsWeightloss of rats
readnetReads/saves .net file
rnetworkSimulation of data sets with a given dependency structure
scoreNetwork score
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