Man pages for deepregression
Fitting Deep Distributional Regression

check_and_installFunction to check python environment and install necessary...
convenience_layersConvenience layer function
create_familyFunction to create (custom) family
cvGeneric cv function
deepregressionFitting Semi-Structured Deep Distributional Regression
distfun_to_distFunction to define output distribution based on dist_fun
dr_familiesFamilies for deepregression
extractvalExtract value in term name
family_to_tfdCharacter-tfd mapping function
family_to_trafoCharacter-to-transformation mapping function
fitGeneric train function
from_dist_to_lossFunction to transform a distritbution layer output into a...
from_preds_to_distDefine Predictor of a Deep Distributional Regression Model
get_distributionFunction to return the fitted distribution
get_partial_effectReturn partial effect of one smooth term
get_type_pfcFunction to subset parsed formulas
get_weight_by_nameFunction to retrieve the weights of a structured layer
handle_gam_termFunction to define smoothness and call mgcv's smooth...
keras_drCompile a Deep Distributional Regression Model
log_scoreFunction to return the log_score
loop_through_pfc_and_call_trafoFunction to loop through parsed formulas and apply data trafo
make_foldsGenerate folds for CV out of one hot encoded matrix
make_generatorcreates a generator for training
make_generator_from_matrixMake a DataGenerator from a data.frame or matrix
makeInputsConvenience layer function
methodDRGeneric functions for deepregression models
names_familiesReturns the parameter names for a given family
orthog_controlOptions for orthogonalization
penalty_controlOptions for penalty setup in the pre-processing
pipePipe operator
plot_cvPlot CV results from deepregression
prepare_dataFunction to prepare data based on parsed formulas
prepare_newdataFunction to prepare new data based on parsed formulas
processorControl function to define the processor for terms in the...
quantGeneric quantile function
separate_define_relationFunction to define orthogonalization connections in the...
stddevGeneric sd function
stop_iter_cv_resultFunction to get the stoppting iteration from CV
subnetwork_initInitializes a Subnetwork based on the Processed Additive...
tfd_zinbImplementation of a zero-inflated negbinom distribution for...
tfd_zipImplementation of a zero-inflated poisson distribution for...
tf_stride_colsFunction to index tensors columns
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