Man pages for deldir
Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation

cvtCentroidal Voronoi (Dirichlet) tessellation.
deldirDelaunay triangulation and Dirichlet tessellation
deldir-internalInternal deldir functions
divchainDividing chain; generic.
divchain.defaultDividing chain; default method.
divchain.deldirDividing chain; "deldir" method.
duplicatedxyDetermine duplicated points.
lawSummaryProduce a Lewis-Aboav-Weaire summary of a tessellation.
niPropertiesNorthern Ireland properties.
plot.deldirPlot objects produced by deldir
plot.divchainPlot a dividing chain.
plot.tile.listPlot Dirchlet (Voronoi) tiles
plot.triang.listPlot Delaunay triangles
print.deldirPrint some information about a tessellation/triangulation.
print.tileInfoPrint a summary of tile information.
tileAreaArea of a Dirichlet tile.
tile.centroidsCompute centroids of Dirchlet (Voronoi) tiles
tileInfoExtract information from a tile list.
tile.listCreate a list of tiles in a tessellation
tilePerimCalculate tile perimeters.
triang.listCreate a list of Delaunay triangles
triMatProduce matrix of triangle vertex indices.
volTriPointsSolute plume concentration data set.
which.tileDetermine the tile containing a given point.
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