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Suppose that one can observe bivariate random variables (X, Y) only when X<=Y holds. Data (Xj, Yj), subject to Xj<=Yj, for all j=1,...,n, are called truncated data (or truncation data). This package performs parametric and semiparametric inference methods for models on (X, Y) where X and Y are not independent. Semi-parametric approaches are based on Chaieb et al. (2006), Emura et al. (2011), Emura and Wang (2012) and Emura and Murotani (2015). Parametric approaches are based on Emura and Konno (2012). A regression approach is based on Emura and Wang (2016). This package also includes truncated data on the number of deaths at each year (1963-1980) for Japanese male centenarians (Emura and Murotani 2015).


Package: depend.truncation
Type: Package
Version: 2.7
Date: 2017-08-11
License: GPL-2


Takeshi Emura <[email protected]>


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