Man pages for depigner
A Utility Package to Help you Deal with "Pignas"

adjust_pAdjust P-values
ArthritisData for example
check_for_bot_optionsCheck if a bot is set up
depigner-packageUtilities for _pigna_s
errors_to_telegramDivert output errors to the telegram bot
htypeType's checks accordingly to [Hmisc] package
imported_fromPackages imported by a package
install_pkg_setCheck basic installed packages
is_hdescChecks for describe objects
paired_test_categoricalPaired test for categorical variables
paired_test_continuousPaired test for continuous variables
pb_lenProgress bar of given length
pipePipe operator
pkg_setsPackages' sets
please_installPlease install
send_to_telegramSend something to telegram
start_bot_for_chatSet up a Telegram bot
use_uiUse usethis'ui(s) in your package
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