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Descriptive Statistics

compmeansMeans of a numerical vector according to a factor
crosstabCross tabulation with mosaic plot
CrossTableCross tabulation with tests for factor independence
data.frame2txtExport a data.frame and create scripts to input the data...
descrSummary of an object
file.headPrints first lines of a file.
forODFTableConvert an object of class CrossTable into a matrix for...
freqFrequency table
fromUTF8Conversion from UTF-8 encoding
fwf2csvFast conversion of a fwf file into a csv one
histkdncHistogram with kernel density and normal curve
labels2RConversion of specially written text file into R code
LogRegR2Pseudo R2 of logistic regression
plot.CrossTableMosaic plot from object of class CrossTable
plot.freqtableBar plot from object of class freqtable
toUTF8Conversion to UTF-8 encoding
xtable.CrossTableCrossTable method for xtable
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