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The helpR package contains descriptive functions for tasks such as making print-friendly bivariate tables, sample size flow counts, and more. It also contains R approximations of some common, useful SAS/Stata functions.

Frequency functions

The helper functions bivariate_compare and univar_freq create frequency tables. univar_freq produces simple n and percent for categories of a single variable, while bivariate_compare compares continuous or categorical variables across categories of a comparison variable. This is particularly useful for generating a Table 1 or 2 for a publication manuscript.

Sample size functions

sample_flow produces tables illustrating how final sample size is determined and the number of participants excluded by each exclusion criteria.

Other helper functions

nagelkerke calculates the Nagelkerke pseudo r-squared for a logistic regression model.

Stata replica functions

ladder, gladder, and pwcorr are approximate replicas of the respective Stata functions. Not all functionality is currently incorporated. stata_tidy reformats R model output to a format similar to Stata.

SAS replica functions

proc_means is an approximate replica of the respective SAS function. Not all functionality is currently incorporated.

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