Man pages for designmatch
Matched Samples that are Balanced and Representative by Design

absstddifAbsolute standardized differences in means.
bmatchOptimal bipartite matching in observational studies
cardmatchOptimal cardinality matching in observational studies
designmatch-packageOptimal Matched Design of Randomized Experiments and...
distmatBuild a rank-based Mahalanobis distance matrix
distmatchOptimal distance matching in observational studies
ecdfplotEmpirical cumulative distribution function plot for assessing...
finetabTabulate the marginal distribution of a nominal covariate...
germancitiesData from German cities before and after the Second World War
lalondeLalonde data set
loveplotLove plot for assessing covariate balance
meantabTabulate means of covariates after matching
nmatchOptimal nonbipartite matching in randomized experiments and...
pairsplotPairs plot for visualizing matched pairs
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