Man pages for dglars
Differential Geometric Least Angle Regression

AIC.dglarsAkaike's An Information Criterion
alonData from the microarray experiment done by Alon et al....
breastBreast Cancer microarray experiment
coef.cvdglarsExtract the Coefficients Estimated by 'cvdglars'
coef.dglarsExtract the dgLARS Coefficient Path
cvdglarsCross-Validation Method for dgLARS
dglarsdgLARS Solution Curve for GLM
dglars-internalInternal dglars Functions
dglars-packageDifferential Geometric Least Angle Regression
dukeDuke breast cancer microarray experiment
gdfEstimate the Generalized Degrees-of-Freedom
grcvGeneral Refitted Cross-Validation Estimator
logLik.dglarsExtract Log-Likelihood
phihatEstimate the Dispersion Parameter
plot.cvdglarsPlot from a cvdglars Object
plot.dglarsPlot from a dglars Object
predict.dglarsPredict Method for dgLARS Fits.
print.cvdglarsPrint a cvdglars Object
print.dglarsPrinting a dgLARS Object
summary.dglarsSummaryzing dgLARS Fits
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