Man pages for diagram
Functions for Visualising Simple Graphs (Networks), Plotting Flow Diagrams

bentarrowadds 2-segmented arrow between two points
coordinatescoordinates of elements on a plot
curvedarrowadds curved arrow between two points
diagramFunctions for visualising simple graphs (networks), plotting...
eNetworkelectric network symbols
openplotmatCreates an empty plot used for diagram plotting.
plotmatplots a graph (network), based on a transition matrix
plotwebplots a web
RigawebGulf of Riga autumn planktonic food web
segmentarrowadds 3-segmented arrow between two points.
selfarrowadds a circular, self-pointing arrow to a plot
shadowboxadds a box with a shadow to a plot
splitarrowadds a branched arrow between several points
straightarrowadds straight arrow between two points
TakapotowebTakapoto atoll planktonic food web
TeaselPopulation dynamics model transition matrix of teasel
textdiamondadds lines of text in a diamand-shaped box to a plot
textellipseadds lines of text in an ellipsoid box to a plot
textemptyadds lines of text, on a colored background to a plot
texthexaadds lines of text in an hexagonal box to a plot
textmultiadds lines of text in an multigonal box to a plot
textplainadds lines of text to a plot
textrectadds lines of text in a rectangular-shaped box or in a...
textroundadds lines of text in a rounded box to a plot
treearrowadds a dendrogram-like branched arrow between several points
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