Man pages for diffobj
Diffs for R Objects

AlignThreshold-classControls How Lines Within a Diff Hunk Are Aligned
any-Diff-methodDetermine if Diff Object Has Differences
as.character-DiffSummary-methodGenerate Character Representation of DiffSummary Object
as.character-MyersMbaSes-methodGenerate a character representation of Shortest Edit Sequence
auto_contextConfigure Automatic Context Calculation
console_linesAttempt to Compute Console Height in Text Lines
diffChrDiff Character Vectors Element By Element
Diff-classDiff Result Object
diffCsvDiff CSV Files
diffDeparseDiff Deparsed Objects
diffFileDiff Files
diff_myersDiff two character vectors
diffObjDiff Objects
diffobj-packageDiffs for R Objects
diffobj_s4method_docDummy Doc File for S4 Methods with Existing Generics
diffobj_set_def_optsSet All diffobj Options to Defaults
diffPrintDiff 'print'ed Objects
diffStrDiff Object Structures
dimnames-PaletteOfStyles-methodRetrieve Dimnames for PaletteOfStyles Objects
extract-Diff-methodSubsetting Methods for Diff Objects
Extract_PaletteOfStylesExtract/Replace a Style Class or Object from PaletteOfStyles
finalizeHtmlFinalizing Methods for HTML Output
gdoShorthand Function for Accessing diffobj Options
guidesGeneric Methods to Implement Flexible Guide Line Computations
has_RdiffAttempt to Detect Whether diff Utility is Available
make_blockingCreate a Blocking Version of a Function
nchar_htmlCount Text Characters in HTML
PagerObjects for Specifying Pager Settings
pager_is_lessCheck Whether System Has less as Pager
PaletteOfStyles-classClass for Tracking Default Styles by Style Type
par_frameGet Parent Frame of S4 Call Stack
Rdiff_chrRun Rdiff Directly on R Objects
sesShortest Edit Script
show-DiffSummary-methodDisplay DiffSummary Objects
show-PaletteOfStyles-methodDisplay a PaletteOfStyles
show-Style-methodShow Method for Style Objects
strip_hz_controlReplace Horizontal Spacing Control Characters
StyleCustomize Appearance of Diff
StyleFunsFunctions Used for Styling Diff Components
StyleSummaryStyling Information for Summaries
StyleTextCharacter Tokens Used in Diffs
summary-Diff-methodSummary Method for Diff Objects
summary-MyersMbaSes-methodSummary Method for Shortest Edit Path
summary-PaletteOfStyles-methodDisplay a Summarized Version of a PaletteOfStyles
tag_fMake Functions That Wrap Text in HTML Tags
trimMethods to Remove Unsemantic Text Prior to Diff
view_or_browseInvoke IDE Viewer If Available, browseURL If Not
webfilesReturn Location of Default HTML Support Files
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