push_text_char_data: push char_data of one rtext objet to another

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Function that takes a rtext object pulls specific char_data from it and pushes this information to another rtext object.


push_text_char_data(from_text = NULL, to_text = NULL, from_token = NULL,
  to_token = NULL, from_i = NULL, to_i = NULL, x = NULL, warn = TRUE)



text to pull data from


text to push data to


token of text to pull data from (e.g.: data.frame(from=1, to=4))


token of text to push data to (e.g.: data.frame(from=1, to=4))


index of characters to pull data from


index of characters to push data to


name of the char_data variable to pull and push - defaults to NULL which will result in cycling through all availible variables


should function warn about non-uniform pull values (those will not be pushed to the other text)


Note, that this is an intelligent function.

It will e.g. always decrease the hierarchy level (hl) found when pulling and decrease it before pushing it forward therewith allowing that already present coding might take priority over those pushed.

Furthermore, the function will only push values if the pulled values are all the same. Since, character index lengths that are used for pulling and pushing might differ in length there is no straight forward rule to translate non uniform value sequences in value sequnces of differing length. Note, that of cause the values might differ between char_data variables but not within. In case of non-uniformity the function will simply do nothing.

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