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Decomposition of (Income) Inequality

dineq_change_rbDecomposition of the change in inequality
dineq_rbRegression-based decomposition of inequality
gini_decompDecomposition of the Gini coefficient
gini.wtdGini coefficient
mex_inc_2008Mexican income data 2008
mex_inc_2016Mexican income data 2016
mld_changeDecomposition of the change of the mean log deviation
mld_decompDecomposition of the mean log deviation
mld.wtdMean log deviation
ntiles.wtdWeighted tiles
polar.wtdPolarization index
rifRecentered influence function (RIF)
rifrRecentered influence function regression (RIF Regression)
rifrSEInference of recentered influence function regression (RIF...
theil.wtdTheil index
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